ny (neoragodestiny) wrote in henberger,

old tumblr drabbles

just found a bunch of tumblr drabbles i haven't linked to the comm yet

i found my place (by your side) | henry/amber | pg-13 | au where they're neighbours and henry drives amber crazy with his 2am violin playing.

i want some more of you | henry/amber | pg | amber feeds henry and then calls him disgusting

your lipstick stain is a work of art | henry/amber | pg-13 | ....... pudding kisses.

daddy's little princess | henry/amber | pg | troublemakers au. henry has always wanted a daughter to treat as his princess

you look beautiful when you smile | henry/amber | pg | a stranger tells her to smile
Tags: author: n, genre: humor, genre: romance, media: fanfiction, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, with: exo, with: red velvet
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