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Henber (Henry/Amber)
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a comm in support of the Henry/Amber pairing

Welcome to Henberger :D
This is a community in support of the Henry/Amber pairing (also known as henber, henberger, berry, amry, hamberger and more)

Henry Lau is a member of the Chinese sub group of Super Junior, Super Junior M
Amber Liu is a member of the Korean girl group f(x)


1. Respect the pairing, regardless whether or not you believe in it, please be nice~
2. Please post Henber (Henry/Amber) in some shape or form. It can be news, pictures, fanfiction, fanart, videos, anything Henber really!
3. In regards to fics, please make sure Henber is in it, be it main, side or even ninja! (we be deprived shippers here...) but please have it present in some form :)
4. Please attach the appropriate tags including what kind of post it is (fanfiction, fanart, pictures, news, videos etc)
5. With fanfcition, please ensure you include a title, clarify the pairings (especially if Henber is side/ninja), include a rating and a summary (as well as a link to your fic of course ^^)
6. Please keep entries on public, at least for the first few days, so people can actually see what you posted!
7. Respect everyone who posts here, regardless of what they post. That goes for pairings, ideas, themes etc. Respect goes a long way :)
8. Love and support each other and have fun <3

kyusung, sibum, sihyuk

all gifs, pictures, etc, come from tumblr, more specifically


(well, most of them do.) none of the pictures belong to us

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