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Hello and welcome to henberger :D
This is a community in support of the Henry/Amber pairing
(also known as henber, henberger, berry, amry, hamberger and more)

Henry Lau is a member of the Chinese sub group of Super Junior, Super Junior M
Amber Liu is a member of the Korean girl group f(x)

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song drabbles | henry/amber
amber (nylon)
I Just Wanna Run - The Downtown Fiction

It’s You - Super Junior / She Is Love - Parachute

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supermarket soulmate | henry/amber
amber (nylon)
title: supermarket soulmate
pairing: henry/amber
rating: pg-13
genre: humour, romance
wordcount: 1.9k
summary: college au. If you told Amber she'd meet her soulmate when he bumps into her, dancing in trackpants at the supermarket, she wouldn't have believed you for a second. But well. Henry isn't exactly all that normal.

Amber trudges out of the dorm with a huff

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fic link dump
amber (nylon)
realised i haven't posted to henberger in a while orz so here's a dump of fics ^^;

fic comm posts: (will unlock for the next few days)

time after time | henry/amber | pg-13 | au. Henry keeps reliving the same day over and over until he fulfils the wish he made: to go back and fix everything. So what is he missing?

the one where henry, like, totally insults amber | henry/amber, eric/ailee | pg-13 | friends au.

off-camera | henry/amber with eric/ailee, bff!mark/jackson | pg-13 | henber au challenge prompt fill | au. Henry and Amber’s characters are dating each other on a hit teen drama. But on-camera feelings aren’t quite the same off-camera… right?

fics from kpop_het's comment ficathon:

dirty socks | jackson/amber, implied henry/amber, rome/amber | pg | Jackson is pretty sure Amber, and her horde of friends, are the only real reason he remembers any English. Everything around him is Korean, Korean, Korean, and then, smack bang in the middle, is Amber Liu with her fast running English and her smiles that keep reeling him back into the place where he first kissed her.

and tonight I'm loving you | henry/amber | pg-13 | For all her confidence and easy smiles, Amber was a serious lightweight when it came to alcohol.

one for the road | henry/amber | pg | vloggers au. The video started with a swinging image of carpet.

tumblr fics:

thermometer kisses | henry/amber | pg-13 | med student au. wherein amber gets sick and henry tries to take care of her; except amber doesn't get sick. nope.

I'd risk everything if it's for you | henry/amber | pg-13 | au. Amber makes a final effort to bring Henry back.

let me back in (love me again) | henry/amber | pg-13 | mentions of abuse | au. Amber hears the sound of footsteps and knows it can only be one person. She knows it’s Henry and so she hides her face in her arms and pulls her legs closer to her chest, whole body shuddering as she tries to calm down.

blanket stealer | henry/amber | pg | au. Henry wakes up in the early hours of the morning to Amber hogging the blanket.

like we used to | broken!henry/amber, sehun/amber | pg | au. Sehun doesn’t (wouldn’t) take her for granted the way Henry had, do anything but treat her amazingly, as she deserves.

maybe this time i can stay ; henry/amber
Title: maybe this time i can stay
Pairing: Henry/Amber
Summary: Henry just wants to be with her, no matter how many lifetimes of pain he'd have to go through

Henry remembers her blonde hair

The Burrito Club
henber one-shot
(by kaijin-taichou)
Rating: PG or K+ (just to be safe)
Characters: Henry Lau, Amber Liu
Pairing: Henber; HenryxAmber
Genre: AU; Fluff; One-shot
Summary: Amber meets a very persistent guy who is desperately want her in his club: the Burrito Club

Seriously? There is a burrito club here in the university?

old tumblr drabbles
amber (nylon)
just found a bunch of tumblr drabbles i haven't linked to the comm yet

i found my place (by your side) | henry/amber | pg-13 | au where they're neighbours and henry drives amber crazy with his 2am violin playing.

i want some more of you | henry/amber | pg | amber feeds henry and then calls him disgusting

your lipstick stain is a work of art | henry/amber | pg-13 | ....... pudding kisses.

daddy's little princess | henry/amber | pg | troublemakers au. henry has always wanted a daughter to treat as his princess

you look beautiful when you smile | henry/amber | pg | a stranger tells her to smile

henber au group challenge ; completed prompts
amber (sm art)
this is a subsidiary post to this - the henber au group challenge :)

because the gdoc with all the prompts is just so HUGE and finding things would be difficult, i've decided to make a post listing all the completed prompts :)
this post will updated with new fics/art and if you've completed one you can either post here or on the original post, or contact me in some way, and i'll add it to the list :)

all the times we fell in love; henry/amber
(In which Henry imagines all they could be.)

henber au group challenge
amber (sm art)
hello everyone!!
okay so, basically in order to generate more henber fic/art and because AUs are awesome, I've compiled a list of AU prompts i've found from various places (coughtumblrcough)

how it works:
the prompt list is here (i haven't read through all of them, so there is undoubtedly repeats orz)
and the challenge is for us, as a group, to try and write/draw all of these/as many as possible


  • red is what has been completed/filled - listed here

  • claims are in purple (like a prompt you're bookmarking because you want to write it (but it's not necessarily finished yet))

  • you can double up on a prompt!!! even if a prompt has been filled / completed / claimed you can still write/draw for it ^^ but remember our aim is to write to as many different prompts as possible, so try to write/draw for another prompt if you can~

  • also remember to give credit to where the prompts came from - it's linked at the top of each batch ^^

  • NO TIME LIMIT OR MINIMUM WORDCOUNT this is just us wanting more henber fic/art <3

uhmmmmm yeah :D contact me (twitter/tumblr/comment below/tag "henber au challenge" on tumblr) when you either complete a prompt or want to claim a prompt and i'll edit the doc to claim / add to the list for completed prompts :D

P.S. this is separate to the prompt challenge i posted last time but you are still most welcome to do that too OuO


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